Saturday, February 3, 2018

1975: Original Church of Satan Resignation Letters

Priestess Lilith Sinclair (later to be Lilith Aquino)
leading her former Grotto of the Church of Satan in a ritual.
For those who have never actually seen any of the original Church of Satan members besides Aquino show how serious they were about the literal existence of Our Lord Satan, this post is for you. Here are some excerpts from resignation letters sent to LaVey by Priests, Priestesses, Warlocks, and Witches of the Church of Satan. These letters were sent in June of 1975 when the original Church effectively died due to LaVey’s decision to start selling the Priesthood degree.

Due to the backlash from the membership LaVey experienced as exemplified by these letters, he henceforth decided that if his flock were going to be more loyal to Satan than to him, then there would be no more Devil to be loyal to.

So, without any further ado, here are the excerpts. They more than speak for themselves as to what sort of an organization the Church of Satan actually was once upon a time.

“While I shall always love you both [Anton and Diane LaVey], I can no longer support an organization that has betrayed its own standards and made a mockery of its teachings. I therefore resign from the Church of Satan, Inc. I do not resign my office as a Priestess of Mendes, for this was granted me by the Prince of Darkness Himself, according to the standards and ethics He demands, and I further reaffirm my Oath and allegiance to Him. For me to act in any other manner would be a negation and betrayal of all that I have believed in and upheld for the past five years, the ultimate hypocrisy.”
- Lilith Sinclair, Priestess of Mendes III°

“It is still no easy thing to resign from something that has meant so much to me for so long. I reaffirm my belief in the principles of Satanism as found in the Satanic Bible and the Satanic Rituals, because I still believe that the truth of Satanism is contained in them. It is no longer contained in the Church of Satan, Inc., and I now join with Magister Aquino in withdrawing the Infernal Mandate from this organization. For all the reasons in this letter, I resign membership in the Church of Satan, Inc. I do not resign as Priestess of Mendes, because it was bestowed upon me by the Powers of Darkness themselves and remains a very essential part of my being.”
- Margaret A. Wendall, Priestess of Mendes III°

“I cannot tell you how shocked and horrified I was to learn of your intention to offer the degrees of the Church of Satan for sale. The Priesthood, to me, is a sacred charge and trust committed to me by the Prince of Darkness himself. Being a Priest of Mendes is not something I do; it is - irrevocably - what I am. The essence of Satanism, as I see it, is the evolution of man into divinity, the creation of a super-being and a super-race. My dedication to this ideal has led me through a number of tribulations which I will not enumerate here, as you have been informed of them. I accepted them willingly as the consequences of my ethical decisions. I believed that in a phony world there had arisen one unique institution which formed an ultimate bastion against hypocrisy, an organization sanctioned and supported by Satan himself - not a ‘diploma mill for paper priests.’ I believed that it was headed by a man of profound and unparalleled insight and unshakable principles and conviction. . . . If you intend to replace individuals with bank accounts, if you value dedication to your own person above commitment to the principles and philosophy of Satanism and to Our Lord Satan himself, then I can no longer support you or the organization you lead.”
- L. Dale Seago, Priest of Mendes III°

“Be it herewith known that I sever all relations with the Church of Satan . . . It is my conviction that the Satanic degrees cannot be sold, no matter what the price. The Church of Satan in so doing has betrayed the Infernal Mandate. Also be it known that I reaffirm my standing as a Priest of Satan, and that I shall continue to work in His best interests on this Earth.”
- Robert Ethel, Prest of Mendes III°

“I feel the Satanic degrees cannot be sold. The Church of Satan, by doing so, no longer carries the Infernal Mandate. I therefore sever all relations with the Church of Satan, Inc. I also reaffirm my standing as a Warlock in service to the Lord Satan, and I will continue to aid His interests.”
- Lynn A. Norton, Warlock II°

“Colleen and I have always maintained that our positions as II°s carry the endorsement of Satan and are sustained through His Infernal Presence. Even though the sale of degrees would not affect the knowledge, power, and success which we have attained, it would make the progress of Satanic knowledge within the Church less important and result in a money game and stagnation. The damage to the organization and its Satanic direction has already been done by your own policy. For what it’s worth, Colleen and I will always regard Anton Szandor LaVey, Magus of the Age of Satan, with deep respect for declaring the true Word of Satan and establishing an Order which upheld His philosophies and direction. We cannot, however, remain in this organization which has decided to sell the very degrees which contained His Infernal Wisdom. It is with great pain and regret that Colleen and I hereby terminate our memberships in the Church of Satan.”
- Thomas Scott Huddleston, Warlock II°
& Colleen Geske Huddleston, Witch II°

(These excerpts are taken from the second volume of Dr. Aquino’s book The Church of Satan which can be purchased here.)