Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Contacting the Devil

There sure seem to be an awful lot of people interested in getting in touch with the Big Man Downstairs. Some desperately so. Apparently, some misguided souls are even willing to pay thousands of dollars to brazen opportunists who sell absentee Infernal Pacts over the internet. The people who resort to such “professionals” are not unlike the poor rubes who bought indulgences from the Catholic Church to guarantee a spot in heaven because they couldn’t be bothered to actually PRACTICE Xianity themselves. 

Thankfully, no such middle-men are needed whatsoever   to make contact with the Devil and form a personal relationship with Him. All one needs is an honest and sincere desire to know the truth about our Lord Satan-Lucifer.

Essentially, all you have to do is properly prepare yourself mentally and spiritually to receive an answer from the Infernal Gods, and then ask Them for Their guidance from your heart. If your intentions are honest, and you are not trying to deceive either the Daemons or yourself, you will find the answers you seek.

What can you do to prepare your psyche to commune with the Infernal Powers? The answer to that varies from person to person. Many people assume that any operations meant to invoke the Powers of Darkness must be of a costly and complicated nature. This is only as true as the individual witch or warlock decides to make it. Some practitioners seem to only be able to get a response if they go through long, dizzying, prescribed and rehearsed invocations and prayers in chambers thick with incense. Others achieve success simply by meditating in their bed. Between these two extremes you’ll find every level of complication, from the simplest to the most convoluted, in how to go about it. And along with varying levels of complication, you’ll also find just as many cultures and myth-cycles employed. One witch’s Satan is another witch’s Ahriman and so forth.

But who is right and who is wrong? Everybody and nobody. Why does it work at all if there’s no special way to do it? Because all of these things are nothing but various ways to get yourself “in tune” with the Forces you desire to commune with. Satan, by whatever name He is called or no name at all, hears you. He always hears you. And if you truly desire it, and if you can bear His light, you will experience Him in your own special way.

There will always be those who prefer to work with pre-written material when it comes to these sorts of things, and there’s nothing at all wrong with that. So, with those readers in mind, I’ve prepared a very simple little ritual for those who are having trouble deciding on how to do this on their own. While none are essential, these are the recommended items for the performance of this small rite:

- One black candle to represent the Black Flame of Satan. (Lighting the Black Flame symbolically opens a path of communication between us and Satan.)

- An image or symbol of Satan. (Whatever is most aesthetically pleasing to you and gives you an emotional response. The Sigil of Baphomet, a plain inverted pentagram, or a painting of the Devil by some artist in a style you like. Whatever feels right to you.)

- A Chalice of Apple Juice. (This is used to symbolically represent the “forbidden fruit” in the mythological Garden of Eden. Drinking from it is done in remembrance of Satan’s Gift that made us individual Gods and Goddesses. Doing so affirms our acknowledgement of Satan as our true Father, for He is the source of our own Divinity.)

- A Bell. (This is used to signal the beginning and ending of the ceremony.)

Assemble the items on some sort of altar or make-shift altar. Place the image or symbol of Satan on the wall above the Black Flame. Face the image or symbol during the ritual. This probably goes without saying, but make sure there are no outside disruptions and that the only light source is the candle. Background music may be employed, but avoid using anything that would distract you from the ceremony itself.


1) Light the Black Flame.

2) Ring the bell nine times. (Nine is associated with the moon and the subconscious. The nine tolls of the bell are to signal that the consciousness of the magician is now being directed to the Subjective world of the psyche rather than the Objective world of matter.)

3) Invoke Satan (It is desirable to write one’s own invocation, but as an example, here is an invocation I like to use. It is a shortened version of an invocation modelled after LaVey’s “Invocation to Satan” as found in the Satanic Bible, with heavy doses of Crowley, John Allee, and myself thrown in. Some may like it, some may think it’s cheesy. But hey, I like it. Maybe you will too. If you don’t that’s great too! Edit it until ya like it!)

In nomine Dei nostri Satanas Luciferi excelsi!

In the name of our Lord Satan, who art exalted as Lucifer,  Bringer of Light, Life, Love and Liberty, I call upon the Forces of Darkness and the Infernal power within!
The Black Flame is kindled, and the gates of Hell swing wide, opening the path of Creation and of Intelligence between me and my True Self.
Satan-Lucifer, enlighten my Understanding and encourage my heart.
I proclaim the majesty of my own Being among the marvels of the Universe. I reject oblivion of Self, and accept the pleasure and pain of unique existence.
Infernal Majesty, make Thy presence felt. Join with me in this Rite that I am about to perform in Thy name. Hail Satan!

4) Drink from the Chalice. (Drain the entire contents. While you do so, envision Satan’s light and wisdom flowing into you and filling your being.)

5) Now, at this point, focus on Satan and speak to Him. You can do this either out loud or silently in your mind. Whatever works for you. (This step can last as long as it needs to. You may feel Him. You may hear Him. You may even see Him in a vision. Or you may not notice anything out of the ordinary at all immediately. The results may not come until days or weeks after the ritual, and some people may even need to perform a ritual such as this on a regular basis over a period of time until the presence of our Lord is felt.)

6) Closing: Ring the Bell and say “So it is done.”

7) Extinguish the Black Flame.

As stressed earlier, this method may simply not work at all for some. Religion and spirituality are highly individual areas, and it’s natural for one method to work for some and not for others. But even if you do try this approach and can get no results, I urge you to try a few more options and a few more systems before you break down and pay someone a few grand to make it happen for you. If Lucifer wasn’t responding to you before, I don’t know if such a flagrant display of credulity and desperation will make you look any more desirable in the eyes of the Lord of Wisdom.