Saturday, December 31, 2016

Lesser Satanic Ritual of the Pentagram

(Note: This is not meant to be any sort of "authoritative" or "final" take on a "Satanic" version of the LBRP. It's simply one possible "inversion" of the normal formula done in the context of Satanic Witchcraft rather than the Judeo-Xian lens of the traditional Golden Dawn version. Other Demonic names could have been substituted rather than the ones I chose here, and this is only one of many variations on the LBRP I've used over the years, but at the moment, this is the version I'm most fond of.)

1. Facing East, touch the forehead and say Unto Thee.

2. Touching the breast, say Azazel

3. Touching the genitals, say the Kingdom

4. Touching the right shoulder, say and the Power.

5. Touching the left shoulder, say and the Glory.

6. Clasping the hands upon the breast, say Forever.

7. Advancing to the East, make an inverse pentagram (that of Earth)
with the proper weapon (usually the Wand). Say (i.e. vibrate) LUCIFER.

8. Go round to the North, the same, but say DIANA.

9. Go round to the West, the same, but say LILITH.

10. Go round to the South, the same, but say SATAN.

11. Completing the circle widdershins, return to the center. Extending the arms in the form of a Tau, say:

12. Before me Belphegor;

13. Behind me Asmodeus;

14. On my right hand Astaroth;

15. On my left hand Belial;

16. For about me flames my Father's Face, the Star of Force and Fire,

17. And in the Column stands His six-rayed Splendour.

18. Repeat steps 1-6.


Steps 1-6: The gestures here are not based directly on the Golden Dawn LBRP, but on the first 6 steps of David Cherubim's revision, the "Lesser Thelemic Ritual of the Pentagram." In his version this sequence is known as the "Thelemic Cross."

Steps 7-10: As should be obvious, Diana, Lucifer, Satan and Lilith were chosen by me as a reflection of my personal understanding of the Infernal and is not presented as carrying on any previous convention. It's somewhat an attempt at using Satanic/Luciferic/Traditional Witchraft terminology to express the interplay of the Thelemic principles of Nuit, Hadit, Therion, and Babalon. Previous to these names I've used more traditional sets to call the elements over the years. This one is more recent. The Abramelin Princes as used by LaVey (Satan, Lucifer, Belial, and Leviathan) is the set I've used throughout most of my previous forms, although the "Rabbinical" list is one I once was fond of as well (Samael, Azael, Azazel, and Mahazael).

Steps 12-15: In the traditional LBRP, the Angels called on here have been replaced with Infernal (or "Qliphothic," if you must) Kabbalistic counterparts, although once again not with entirely traditional correspondences. The celebrant is still facing the Sun as in the normal LBRP, while standing on the intersection of Samekh and Pe. Belphegor for the Sun is traditional and from Levi. I put Astaroth on Venus, for what should be obvious reasons. Belial being on Mercury or Hod is from Crowley's alterations to the "Qliphoth." And Asmodeus on the Moon, or behind the celebrant, may seem the oddest, but my reasons are simple. Firstly I didn't want to use the name Lilith twice in the ritual. I wanted a different Demon for the Moon who was also an Arch-Demon, and since Asmodeus was linked to the Moon through his form of Chasmodai, I stuck him here.

As you can see my methodology for LBRP variations is a little bit haphazard and casual. But then again, I think rituals like the LBRP are themselves, in their very roots, pretty haphazardly constructed things to begin with.