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Interview with John Allee, High Priest of the First Church of Satan

The following interview was given for In the Morgue, an extreme music magazine, April 2000 CE.

Tell us your name, age, and occupation if you would please?

I was born John Dewey Allee on March 8, 1951 at 8 pm. My current occupation is High Priest of the First Church of Satan. I am investing my full energy to promote Satanism as a mainstream alternative religion and thousands in legal fees to register the First Church of Satan as a legal, non-profit corporation. Also, overcoming any and all obstacles in our quest to be recognized by the federal government, so donations will be considered tax-deductible. We must not merely consider our immediate future, but a long range perspective as well.

Give us some background on the First Church of Satan and how it came to be?

As early as 1970, I was a member of the early Church of Satan lead by the late Anton LaVey, born Howard Stanton Levey. Back in the early 1970s, I can fondly recall the libertarian, Dionysian bent of the Church in those days. I believe, as did LaVey in that exalted period, in the sovereign uniqueness of each individual, and in the right, if not the utter responsibility, of each human being to cast off the preformatted identity handed down by society in order to remake the self--in the right to truly become yourself, as Nietzsche put it, by freeing the mind of the inculcated control mechanisms of The Matrix.

When I returned to the Satanic scene years later, I discovered spokespersons who did NOT subscribe to the democratic form of sovereignty-for-all that the original CoS embraced. Instead, the fading, threatened shell of a once great organization was reduced to babbling inanely and disdainfully about “elitism” and “eliteness,” terms which in their view apply exclusively to their own ever-shrinking membership under their current hapless High Priestess Blanche Barton.

This seems to be tied up with a fondness, which they of course continually deny, for all things Nazi, Adolph Hitler and company being the ultimate symbol of the Apollonian mentality taken to its logical, deadly extreme: Order as Death, in other words. The CoS, while still claiming to be rooted in a “Dionysian” philosophy, in reality appears to be composed of a joyless conglomerate of straight-edge Neo-Nazi types who eschew all forms of transformative, “Dionysian” pleasure and attack those who espouse it as being mindless hippies.

At first, I resurrected the First Church of Satan because I was angry. I wanted to hurl a gauntlet of diabolical disdain in the warped faces of these neo-fascists and demonstrate, once again, that the angelic mafia was alive and well. However, behind this facade of Luciferian pride and rebellion was a message—one of cohesion and Unity. I realized Satanists were dealing with two conflicting philosophies; altruism and egoism—either extreme is destructive, both individually AND collectively. I took a cue from our Tantric roots; the needs of the many must be BALANCED with the needs of the few . . . or the one.

When these National Socialist types rationalize behavior that is almost always predatory and combative with expressions like “Lex Talionis” or “Survival of the Fittest,” I am eager to remind them that they are focusing on one aspect of Nature! Surely, besides the food chain, there is parenting, nurturing and self-sacrifice which occurs just as commonly with animals. This tendency to move from one extreme to another—to replace herd mentality with dictatorial rule, reflects poorly on Satanists in general and does NOT lend itself to individualism.

What is your main objective with the FCoS?

To champion Satanism, not as a religion, but as an alternative spiritual path. Again, I wish to suggest balance; for instance, the black mass is a polemic against the sacred cows of the participants—one way to achieve a Golden Mean. This means you are living your life free of moral absolutes because you have moved in an opposite direction from your own (absolutes)—the black mass was never meant to be taken literally—Satanists take aim towards the center! We denigrate and blaspheme archaic societal institutions, not the very force which produces life. Always bear in mind; one man’s supreme deity is another man’s court jester.

Our purpose is to promote indulgence, not compulsion—moderation, not addictive behavior—balance. Satanist are free thinkers, moving forward spiritually through self-exploration and spiritual stimulation. We strive to benefit society and aid charities which accelerate and expand human growth and potential.

What does the FCoS have to offer people interested in membership?

Besides online fellowship, the thrill of belonging to a dynamic organization. We are forming Chapters in every major city and currently fighting to attain status as a non-profit entity where donations are tax-deductible (U.S.)

What is Satan to you?

Many, many things. Being manifested from boundless darkness, SAT and TAN, Hadit and Nuit, Yang and Yin. Satan is Capricornus, the Goat, who leaps upon the mountain to reach its loftiest heights. Satan is the Godhead which becomes manifest in Man as Aegipan, the All. The Open Eye of the exalted Sun (masculine principle), the Secret Eye of the Moon (feminine principle). Satan is Man and Woman made God.

How long have you been a practicing Satanist?

Since the year 1970 CE.

What made you decide to seek out the left-hand path in life?

I was a born again Christian and crew leader in a payroll processing firm. There was this bully in my department who wanted my job so badly, he would sabotage my work efforts and lie to my supervisors about it. This went on for months. I kept turning the other cheek. Well, one day, I ran out of cheeks—I put a curse on the man and he was promptly fired.

How does your home town accept you and the FCoS?

Salem, Massachusetts is populated with witches—most are terrified I might bring the wrath of Christianity down on them. Cowards.

Tell us a little about your television show?

Witty, sarcastic with a biting edge at first, but I’ve become aware of the fact that grabbing the public’s attention is not necessary. Expressing a cogent philosophy is unnerving enough in this day and age—sensational special effects from Hollywood have subdued critical thought. If I appeared on television and professed undying love for all mankind, I’d STILL be considered hateful.

It seems as if the CoS has a bad disposition with you. Can you tell us how the rivalry came about?

The CoS has a “bad disposition” with EVERYONE. Why should I be treated any different?

What are your feelings on the late Anton Szandor LaVey and the organization he founded?

An organization which flourished under ASL’s flamboyant leadership, reached its peak, then fizzled out after nine years, only to re-emerge as a cliché.

Do you ever feel that you are in the shadow of LaVey?


How do you feel about the modern CoS now run by Blanche Barton?

A volatile cult, capable of terrorism, blackmail, thought control and murder.

What are your thoughts on Karla LaVey starting her own organization in opposition of the CoS?

I deeply admire her courageous efforts.

Are there any other organizations that you would like to mention in support of?

Libertarian Party, American Civil Liberties Union, Life Extension Foundation,

What are your feelings on Satanism this day and age?

Hopeful, optimistic.

What lies in the future for the FCoS?

More and more visibility.

Thank you for your time, feel free to take this opportunity to say whatever else you like.

I’d like to thank Magister Joe Necchi for teaching me the value of a nobility which transcends birth, rank, wealth and status.

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Belphegor: Lord of the Opening

Devils of darkness, servants unto hell
Yea, king and queen of Sheol, terrible
Above all fiends and furies, hating more
The high Jehovah, loving Baal Peor,
Our father and our lover and our god!
Yea, though he lift his adamantine rod
And pierce us through, how shall his anger tame
Fire that glows fiercer for the brand of shame
Thrust in it; so, we who are all of fire,
One dull red flare of devilish desire,
The God of Israel shall not quench with tears,
Nor blood of martyrs drawn from myriad spheres,
Nor watery blood of Christ; that blood shall boil
With all the fury of our hellish toil . . .
                                                                          - Aleister Crowley

The name Belphegor is the Latin version of the Hebrew Baal-Peor, which means “Lord of the Opening.” A god of the Moabites, his worship was centered at Mount Peor and it is speculated that this mountain was known as “Peor” because of some sort of opening or crevice in it, into which offerings to Belphegor may have been thrown. The word “Peor” is also used in Hebrew to signify the “openings” in the human body: the mouth and anus. As Belphegor’s pagan rites were said to be of an exceptionally lascivious and sexual nature, it is possible that the name “Peor” had a double significance and denoted something more than the place he was worshipped or how his offerings were disposed of. As further evidence of his sexual nature, many early sources say that the image of Belphegor was like that of the god Priapus, whose defining visual characteristic was a massive erect phallus.

It is said by the Rabbis that his rites were particularly revolting and that sacrificial offerings to him consisted of human excrement. The Talmud states that Belphegor’s idol was sometimes situated at a latrine, where those relieving themselves could do so in honor of the god. The same source also states that consuming beets and strong alcoholic beverages before stripping naked were facets of his worship. In the Book of Psalms, it is mentioned that when some of the Israelites sinned by fornicating with prostitutes connected to Baal-Peor, and through them started to partake in the worship of this god, they also “ate the offerings of the dead.” This is often taken to merely mean that offerings made to pagan idols such as Belphegor were to “the dead” in the sense that the idols were mere lifeless things, but others have asserted that the passage suggests some sort of connection between the cult of Belphegor and the Underworld as the abode of the dead.

In medieval Demonology, Belphegor would become known as the Demon of the Deadly Sin of Sloth, and (somewhat paradoxically) also the Demon of invention. This seeming contradiction could perhaps be explained through the view that many inventions are created to make work easier for man, and hence can potentially lead to laziness. Demonologists also described Belphegor’s appearance in two very different ways: some record that he appeared in the form of a grotesque bearded Demon with long fingernails, while others said that he appeared in the form of an attractive and nude young woman.

Belphegor illustration by Louis Le Breton after an engraving by M. Jarrault
from the 1863 edition of Colin de Plancy's Dictionnaire Infernal.
In Qabalistic literature, Belphegor is the Arch-Demon of the sixth sphere of the Qliphoth known as Thagirion (or Tagaririm), the evil and averse counterpart to the sphere of Tiphereth on the Tree of Life. In this connection, Belphegor is associated with the Sun and its mystical number in Qabalah, 666. It is interesting to note that there is perhaps an ancient precedent for Belphegor’s status as a Solar figure: Baal-Peor is sometimes identified with the god Chemosh, “the abomination of Moab” who King Solomon built a temple to (1 Kings 11:7), and Chemosh is in turn possibly a Moabite form of the Babylonian sun god Shamash.

While his ancient pagan cult in Moab may have ceased to exist long before his role in Demonology, Belphegor’s worship found new life through Devil Worshipers of the Middle Ages. Theologian Gerhoh of Reichersberg, in his work De investigatione Anti-Christi libri III (1162), chronicles the existence of a cult of Belphegor active in Germany in the mid 12th century. According to Gerhoh’s contemporary account, these medieval devotees of the letcherous “Devil” Belphegor worshipped their god with rites that included incestuous sexual orgies which took place in darkness. The officiating priest was kissed on the buttocks by the devotees in a manner similar to the “Kiss of Shame” bestowed on the Devil by witches at their Sabbat. The members of the cult offered worship and sacrifice to Belphegor in the morning, at noon, and at nightfall. Their sacrament contained human semen. The cult was a markedly anti-Christian one, where on Christmas Eve they were wont to engage in rituals that blasphemously parodied the Nativity of Christ. It is even reported that they had desecrated a Christian chapel in Regensburg with their rites. 
Sigil of Belphegor created by Frater V.I.M. using the Kamea of Sol.

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Monty and Al: The Priest and the Beast

by Frater V.I.M.
Montague Summers
(1880 - 1948)
The Rev. Montague Summers is a rather controversial figure in the occult. His books on witchcraft, vampires, and werewolves are unique for two reasons: first, they are almost unmatched in their attention to detail and historical source material, often bringing up facts ignored by most other works on the occult, and secondly, although they were written in the 20th century, Monty was a firm believer in the reality of everything he wrote about.

Unlike others who write about “vampires” and water the concept down into some vague form of psychic ability, Monty means ACTUAL vampires when he writes of them: he means 100% the real deal, actual bloodsucking corpses that really sleep in graves and really rise from them. Monty’s mammoth work on Vampires, The Vampire: His Kith and Kin is still to this day unmatched as a serious history of vampirism (although, those still-living people who like to style themselves as “vampires” are quick to avoid it or dismiss it.)

Likewise, when he discusses the witch-cult, he pulls no punches and does not try to convince anyone that the witches were either misunderstood pagans, nor were they a figment of Xian imagination. They were what the record says they were: devil worshippers who practiced black magic. (Much like how living “vampires” ignore his previously mentioned work, Wiccans and other “not-Satanism” witches are quick to ignore his works on witchcraft just as vehemently.)

What greatly annoyed Monty’s critics then (and has led to him being forcibly ignored today) is his combination of holding “outdated,” “ignorant” views on the one hand, while on the other backing up what he says with more facts and records than the skeptics dare to look at it. In this sense, Monty’s work is dangerous to the “rational,” skeptic narrative that dominates the world of religious and occult history today. Monty was an unapologetic medievalist who loathed the "reason" of modern writers. In this Monty was not alone, but what made (and still makes) Monty a threat is his vast erudition and learning on the subjects of which he spoke. While it is true that Summers stretched a bit here and there in regard to some figures in the history of witchcraft (Salem and the Freemasons are two prime examples that come to mind) in the main his work far more valuable than his opponents give him credit for.

Many occultists who loathe Monty’s views on history find it easy to dismiss him on the grounds that Monty was a Catholic Priest who was the sworn enemy of the witches, and therefore his viewpoint is invalid. However, the picture is a little more complicated than that. While it is true that Monty claimed to be a Priest of the Catholic Church . . . the reality is, the Church has no record of his being ordained. And he certainly never oversaw any Parish.

There is even a large gap missing in the records of Monty’s life, a gap that many of his contemporaries speculated was spent being involved in the sort of Black Arts that he so vehemently railed against in his books. This we'll never know the truth of, but it is interesting to note that for all the time Monty spent screaming that witches were vile, horrible creatures, and swearing his allegiance to the Church which persecuted them, all the while Monty was actually a personal friend of . . . Aleister Crowley. As noted by Geroge Knowles, the webmaster of

“Through his researches into witchcraft and the occult, Summers naturally came into contact with some of the leading occultists of his day. This lead to a curious friendship with the notorious Aleister Crowley, as described by the author Charles Richard Cammell in his book Aleister Crowley. In it he reveals that Crowley and Summers not only knew each other but also shared a mutual admiration. At one time both Crowley and Summers lived in Richmond, Surrey, as did Mr. Cammell, who tells us that they used to meet in his flat and discuss their many interests in an atmosphere of friendship and wit.”

Crowley himself was asked about his views on Monty in a 1928 interview by author Lance Sieveking, to which Crowley humorously replied: “I haven’t seen Monty Summers for years . . . he takes care of that. He knows what would happen. . . . I should change him into a toad.”

This was obviously a good-humored joke about Summers keeping away from Crowley, for in Crowley’s diary entry for July 5th 1929 we read:

“Dinner with Monty Summers! The most amusing evening I have spent in decades.”

It is reported in Lawrence Sutin’s biography of Crowley, Do What Thou Wilt: A Life of Aleister Crowley, that Summers kept a large portfolio of newspaper clippings and articles about Crowley on his desk, and when asked why he kept such a thing, Monty replied that Crowley was “one of the few original and really interesting men of our age.”

For all of this, Crowley’s name is conspicuously absent from Summers’ books on witchcraft and Satanism. However, there is one passage from his 1937 work, A Popular History of Witchcraft, where Summers makes direct reference to Crowley's work, even if he doesn't mention him by name. In his chapter on the Black Mass we find the following:

“There are in use by witches to-day volumes simply entitled Magick, which give the full ritual for the celebration of Black Masses, with diabolic litanies, and other infernal ceremonies including the blood sacrifices on the altar. A Gnostic Mass is described, and one rubric runs, ‘the blood sacrifice is the critical point of the World Ceremony of the Proclamation of Horus, the Crowned and Conquering Child, as Lord of the Aeon.’”

While this passage would certainly infuriate many a Thelemite today (who would certainly insist that Summers had no idea what he was talking about, and had no business writing such “libel,”) there seems to be no indication that his old pal Crowley ever tried to take him to court over it.

For more information on the life of Monty in general, the article about him here is a decent place to start.

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1975: Original Church of Satan Resignation Letters

Priestess Lilith Sinclair (later to be Lilith Aquino)
leading her former Grotto of the Church of Satan in a ritual.
For those who have never actually seen any of the original Church of Satan members besides Aquino show how serious they were about the literal existence of Our Lord Satan, this post is for you. Here are some excerpts from resignation letters sent to LaVey by Priests, Priestesses, Warlocks, and Witches of the Church of Satan. These letters were sent in June of 1975 when the original Church effectively died due to LaVey’s decision to start selling the Priesthood degree.

Due to the backlash from the membership LaVey experienced as exemplified by these letters, he henceforth decided that if his flock were going to be more loyal to Satan than to him, then there would be no more Devil to be loyal to.

So, without any further ado, here are the excerpts. They more than speak for themselves as to what sort of an organization the Church of Satan actually was once upon a time.

“While I shall always love you both [Anton and Diane LaVey], I can no longer support an organization that has betrayed its own standards and made a mockery of its teachings. I therefore resign from the Church of Satan, Inc. I do not resign my office as a Priestess of Mendes, for this was granted me by the Prince of Darkness Himself, according to the standards and ethics He demands, and I further reaffirm my Oath and allegiance to Him. For me to act in any other manner would be a negation and betrayal of all that I have believed in and upheld for the past five years, the ultimate hypocrisy.”
- Lilith Sinclair, Priestess of Mendes III°

“It is still no easy thing to resign from something that has meant so much to me for so long. I reaffirm my belief in the principles of Satanism as found in the Satanic Bible and the Satanic Rituals, because I still believe that the truth of Satanism is contained in them. It is no longer contained in the Church of Satan, Inc., and I now join with Magister Aquino in withdrawing the Infernal Mandate from this organization. For all the reasons in this letter, I resign membership in the Church of Satan, Inc. I do not resign as Priestess of Mendes, because it was bestowed upon me by the Powers of Darkness themselves and remains a very essential part of my being.”
- Margaret A. Wendall, Priestess of Mendes III°

“I cannot tell you how shocked and horrified I was to learn of your intention to offer the degrees of the Church of Satan for sale. The Priesthood, to me, is a sacred charge and trust committed to me by the Prince of Darkness himself. Being a Priest of Mendes is not something I do; it is - irrevocably - what I am. The essence of Satanism, as I see it, is the evolution of man into divinity, the creation of a super-being and a super-race. My dedication to this ideal has led me through a number of tribulations which I will not enumerate here, as you have been informed of them. I accepted them willingly as the consequences of my ethical decisions. I believed that in a phony world there had arisen one unique institution which formed an ultimate bastion against hypocrisy, an organization sanctioned and supported by Satan himself - not a ‘diploma mill for paper priests.’ I believed that it was headed by a man of profound and unparalleled insight and unshakable principles and conviction. . . . If you intend to replace individuals with bank accounts, if you value dedication to your own person above commitment to the principles and philosophy of Satanism and to Our Lord Satan himself, then I can no longer support you or the organization you lead.”
- L. Dale Seago, Priest of Mendes III°

“Be it herewith known that I sever all relations with the Church of Satan . . . It is my conviction that the Satanic degrees cannot be sold, no matter what the price. The Church of Satan in so doing has betrayed the Infernal Mandate. Also be it known that I reaffirm my standing as a Priest of Satan, and that I shall continue to work in His best interests on this Earth.”
- Robert Ethel, Prest of Mendes III°

“I feel the Satanic degrees cannot be sold. The Church of Satan, by doing so, no longer carries the Infernal Mandate. I therefore sever all relations with the Church of Satan, Inc. I also reaffirm my standing as a Warlock in service to the Lord Satan, and I will continue to aid His interests.”
- Lynn A. Norton, Warlock II°

“Colleen and I have always maintained that our positions as II°s carry the endorsement of Satan and are sustained through His Infernal Presence. Even though the sale of degrees would not affect the knowledge, power, and success which we have attained, it would make the progress of Satanic knowledge within the Church less important and result in a money game and stagnation. The damage to the organization and its Satanic direction has already been done by your own policy. For what it’s worth, Colleen and I will always regard Anton Szandor LaVey, Magus of the Age of Satan, with deep respect for declaring the true Word of Satan and establishing an Order which upheld His philosophies and direction. We cannot, however, remain in this organization which has decided to sell the very degrees which contained His Infernal Wisdom. It is with great pain and regret that Colleen and I hereby terminate our memberships in the Church of Satan.”
- Thomas Scott Huddleston, Warlock II°
& Colleen Geske Huddleston, Witch II°

(These excerpts are taken from the second volume of Dr. Aquino’s book The Church of Satan which can be purchased here.)

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The Orphic Pan

I am one of those Satanists who insists on the full identification of the Devil, Satan, of Judaeo-Christian mythology with the Pan of pagan mythology. An all too common objection to this identification is based on a very deep misunderstanding. The objection tends to rest on the fact that the traditional mythologies for both Pan on the one hand, and the Devil on the other, do not in any way resemble each other. After all, Satan is not a son of Hermes, is not a god of shepherds, and Pan, of course, is not a rebel angel from the court of JHVH. The thing is, I don't treat such myths as literal histories, neither the Christian OR the pagan myth cycles. Rather, I hold to the view that myths are man-made constructs that seek to understand the Divine. And yes, even the myths of the Hebrews and Christians.

All men are spiritual beings in mortal bodies. All religions and spiritual paths are searches for the Truth. It's just that when Abrahamic people found the Truth, it scared the shit out of them and they called it "the Devil." This, sadly, is what happens when a path builds its foundation on hating themselves and hating nature. Where the rest of the world would see joy, the Abrahamics would only see damnation.

As the late Rev. John Allee observed:

To tell people that Pan isn’t the Devil. . . . That’s not the way to approach it. This is what many pagans do, and I feel very strongly that they’re wrong. Because it is the Christians who . . . took away his flute and gave him a pitchfork, and they said ‘Look! This is the Devil!’ And they pointed him out! They picked THAT pagan god!

And the thing is, the pagans will go running, and scurrying, and hiding and say ‘oh no no no no, we don’t worship the Devil, that’s not the Devil.’ . . . It IS the Devil . . . to the Christians! To the Christian Fathers, to the ones who founded what we know today as the modern Christian theism, it IS the Devil.

And you have to tell them that their CONCEPT of the Devil is wrong. Rather than say He’s NOT the Devil and deny it and go running, confront the Christians! Say to the Christian ‘Ya know, you bring out a very good point, but I think your CONCEPT of the Devil is wrong, what you consider to be the Devil, and what you consider to be Good and Evil. You should re-evaluate your values. You should look inside of your Self.’”

To this I think it would be worthwhile to add some quotes from Anton LaVey (whether you love him or hate him) on the subject:

Before Christianity gave him the names of Satan, Lucifer, etc., the carnal side of man's nature was governed by the god which was then called Dionysus, or Pan, depicted as a satyr or faun, by the Greeks. Pan was originally the ‘good guy’, and symbolized fertility and fecundity. Whenever a nation comes under a new form of government, the heroes of the past become villains of the present. So it is with religion. The earliest Christians believed that the Pagan deities were devils, and to employ them was to use ‘black magic’. Miraculous heavenly events they termed ‘white magic’; this was the sole distinction between the two. The old gods did not die, they fell into Hell and became devils.” - LaVey, The Satanic Bible

Even if one recognizes the character inversion employed in changing Pan (the good guy) into Satan (the bad guy), why reject an old friend just because he bears a new name and unjustified stigma?” - LaVey, The Satanic Rituals

The following excerpts on the Orphic view of Pan are presented here for the enjoyment of those who only know the Greek Pan as a "second order" deity. In Orphism, as will be seen in the brief material below, Pan became MUCH MORE than the simple fellow encountered in the popular folk-religion of the Greeks.
-Frater V.I.M.

Pan, as we are informed by Damascius, first subsists at the extremity of the intelligible order, being there no other than the celebrated Protogonus or Phanes; but, according to his mundane subsistence, he is the monad or summit of all the local Gods and daemons. In the statues of him his upper parts resemble those of a man, but his lower parts those of a brute [viz. of a goat] indicating by this, that in the universe rationality has dominion over irrationality. As, therefore, according to his first subsistence, he is the primary exemplar of the universe; the reason is obvious why in [the Orphic Hymns] he is celebrated as all things.”
- Thomas Taylor, The Mystical Hymns of Orpheus, 1824


Homeric theology, as we know it in our canonical Homer, was wholly untouched by Orphism. The human figures of the Olympians, clear-cut and departmental as they are, have no kinship with the shifting mystical Protogonos. The Olympians lay no claim to be All in All, nor are they in any sense Creators, sources of life. Homer has no cosmogony, only a splendid ready-made human society. His gods are immortal because death would shadow and mar their splendour, not because they are the perennial sources of things. It is noticeable that Zeus himself, the supreme god of Homeric theology, can only be worked into the Orphic system by making him become Eros, and absorb Phanes; only so can he become demiourgos, a feat which, to do him justice, he never on his own account attempted. Proklos says ‘Orpheus in inspired utterance declares that Zeus swallowed Phanes his progenitor, and took into his bosom all his powers.’ This mysticism was of course made easy by savage cosmogonies of Kronos and the swallowing of the children.

The Olympians concern themselves as little with the Before as with the Hereafter; they are not the source of life nor are they its goal. Moreover, another characteristic is that they are, with the strictest limitations, human. They are not one with the life that is in beasts and streams and woods as well as in man. Eros, ‘whose feet are on the flowers,’ who ‘couches in the folds,’ is of all life, he is Dionysus, he is Pan. Under Athenian influence Eros secludes himself into purely human form, but the Phanes of Orpheus was polymorphic, a beast-mystery-god:

Heads had he many,
Head of a ram, a bull, a snake, and a bright-eyed lion.’

He is like Dionysos, to whom his Bacchants cry:

Appear, appear, whatso thy shape or name,
O Mountain Bull, Snake of the Hundred Heads,
Lion of the Burning Flame!
O God, Beast, Mystery, come!’

In theology as in ritual Orphism reverted to the more primitive forms, lending them deeper and intenser significance. These primitive forms, shifting and inchoate, were material more malleable than the articulate accomplished figures of the Olympians.

The conception of Phanes Protogonos remained always some what esoteric, a thing taught in mysteries, but his content is popularized in the figure of the goat-god who passed from being ό Πάων the feeder, the shepherd, to be τό πᾶν Pan the All-God.

Pan came to Athens from Arcadia after the Persian War, came at a time when scepticism was busy with the figures of the Olympians and their old prestige was on the wane. Pan of course had to have his reception into Olympus, and a derivation duly Olympian was found for his name. The Homeric Hymn, even if it be of Alexandrian date, is thoroughly Homeric in religious tone: the poet tells how

Straight to the seats of the gods immortal did Hermes fare
With his child wrapped warmly up in skins of the mountain hare,
And down by the Bide of Zeus and the rest, he made him to sit,
And showed him that boy of his, and they all rejoiced at it.
But most of all Dionysos, the god of the Bacchanal,
And they called the name of him PAN because he delighted them ALL.’

Dionysos the Bull-god and Pan the Goat-god both belong to early pre-anthropomorphic days, before man had cut the ties that bound him to the other animals; one and both they were welcomed as saviours by a tired humanity. Pan had no part in Orphic ritual, but in mythology as the All-god he is the popular reflection of Protogonos. He gave a soul of life and reality to a difficult, monotheistic dogma, and the last word was not said in Greek religion, until over the midnight sea a voice was heard crying ‘Great Pan is dead.’

The Orphic conception of Pan as All-god was no doubt helped out by the fact that as early as the time of Herodotus the analogy was noted between the Greek Pan and the Egyptian Mendes, who was both Goat-god and All-god.


I Call strong Pan, the substance of the whole,
Etherial, marine, earthly, general soul,
Immortal fire; for all the world is thine,
And all are parts of thee, O power divine.
Come, blessed Pan, whom rural haunts delight,
Come, leaping, agile, wandering, starry light;
The Hours and Seasons, wait thy high command,
And round thy throne in graceful order stand.
Goat-footed, horned, Bacchanalian Pan,
Fanatic power, from whom the world began,
Whose various parts by thee inspired, combine
In endless dance and melody divine.
In thee a refuge from our fears we find,
Those fears peculiar to the humankind.
Thee shepherds, streams of water, goats rejoice,
Thou lovest the chase, and Echo’s secret voice:
The sportive nymphs, thy every step attend,
And all thy works fulfill their destined end.
O all-producing power, much-famed, divine,
The world’s great ruler, rich increase is thine.
All-fertile Pæan, heavenly splendor pure,
In fruits rejoicing, and in caves obscure.
True serpent-horned Jove, whose dreadful rage
When roused, ’tis hard for mortals to assuage.
By thee the earth wide-bosomed deep and long,
Stands on a basis permanent and strong.
The unwearied waters of the rolling sea,
Profoundly spreading, yield to thy decree.
Old Ocean too reveres thy high command,
Whose liquid arms begirt the solid land.
The spacious air, whose nutrimental fire,
And vivid blasts, the heat of life inspire;
The lighter frame of fire, whose sparkling eye
Shines on the summit of the azure sky,
Submit alike to thee, whose general sway
All parts of matter, various formed, obey.
All nature’s change through thy protecting care,
And all mankind thy liberal bounties share:
For these wherever dispersed through boundless space,
Still find thy providence support their race.
Come, Bacchanalian, blessed power draw near,
Fanatic Pan, thy humble suppliant hear,
Propitious to these holy rites attend,
And grant my life may meet a prosperous end;
Drive panic Fury too, wherever found,
From humankind, to earth’s remotest bound.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Contacting the Devil

There sure seem to be an awful lot of people interested in getting in touch with the Big Man Downstairs. Some desperately so. Apparently, some misguided souls are even willing to pay thousands of dollars to brazen opportunists who sell absentee Infernal Pacts over the internet. The people who resort to such “professionals” are not unlike the poor rubes who bought indulgences from the Catholic Church to guarantee a spot in heaven because they couldn’t be bothered to actually PRACTICE Xianity themselves. 

Thankfully, no such middle-men are needed whatsoever   to make contact with the Devil and form a personal relationship with Him. All one needs is an honest and sincere desire to know the truth about our Lord Satan-Lucifer.

Essentially, all you have to do is properly prepare yourself mentally and spiritually to receive an answer from the Infernal Gods, and then ask Them for Their guidance from your heart. If your intentions are honest, and you are not trying to deceive either the Daemons or yourself, you will find the answers you seek.

What can you do to prepare your psyche to commune with the Infernal Powers? The answer to that varies from person to person. Many people assume that any operations meant to invoke the Powers of Darkness must be of a costly and complicated nature. This is only as true as the individual witch or warlock decides to make it. Some practitioners seem to only be able to get a response if they go through long, dizzying, prescribed and rehearsed invocations and prayers in chambers thick with incense. Others achieve success simply by meditating in their bed. Between these two extremes you’ll find every level of complication, from the simplest to the most convoluted, in how to go about it. And along with varying levels of complication, you’ll also find just as many cultures and myth-cycles employed. One witch’s Satan is another witch’s Ahriman and so forth.

But who is right and who is wrong? Everybody and nobody. Why does it work at all if there’s no special way to do it? Because all of these things are nothing but various ways to get yourself “in tune” with the Forces you desire to commune with. Satan, by whatever name He is called or no name at all, hears you. He always hears you. And if you truly desire it, and if you can bear His light, you will experience Him in your own special way.

There will always be those who prefer to work with pre-written material when it comes to these sorts of things, and there’s nothing at all wrong with that. So, with those readers in mind, I’ve prepared a very simple little ritual for those who are having trouble deciding on how to do this on their own. While none are essential, these are the recommended items for the performance of this small rite:

- One black candle to represent the Black Flame of Satan. (Lighting the Black Flame symbolically opens a path of communication between us and Satan.)

- An image or symbol of Satan. (Whatever is most aesthetically pleasing to you and gives you an emotional response. The Sigil of Baphomet, a plain inverted pentagram, or a painting of the Devil by some artist in a style you like. Whatever feels right to you.)

- A Chalice of Apple Juice. (This is used to symbolically represent the “forbidden fruit” in the mythological Garden of Eden. Drinking from it is done in remembrance of Satan’s Gift that made us individual Gods and Goddesses. Doing so affirms our acknowledgement of Satan as our true Father, for He is the source of our own Divinity.)

- A Bell. (This is used to signal the beginning and ending of the ceremony.)

Assemble the items on some sort of altar or make-shift altar. Place the image or symbol of Satan on the wall above the Black Flame. Face the image or symbol during the ritual. This probably goes without saying, but make sure there are no outside disruptions and that the only light source is the candle. Background music may be employed, but avoid using anything that would distract you from the ceremony itself.


1) Light the Black Flame.

2) Ring the bell nine times. (Nine is associated with the moon and the subconscious. The nine tolls of the bell are to signal that the consciousness of the magician is now being directed to the Subjective world of the psyche rather than the Objective world of matter.)

3) Invoke Satan (It is desirable to write one’s own invocation, but as an example, here is an invocation I like to use. It is a shortened version of an invocation modelled after LaVey’s “Invocation to Satan” as found in the Satanic Bible, with heavy doses of Crowley, John Allee, and myself thrown in. Some may like it, some may think it’s cheesy. But hey, I like it. Maybe you will too. If you don’t that’s great too! Edit it until ya like it!)

In nomine Dei nostri Satanas Luciferi excelsi!

In the name of our Lord Satan, who art exalted as Lucifer,  Bringer of Light, Life, Love and Liberty, I call upon the Forces of Darkness and the Infernal power within!
The Black Flame is kindled, and the gates of Hell swing wide, opening the path of Creation and of Intelligence between me and my True Self.
Satan-Lucifer, enlighten my Understanding and encourage my heart.
I proclaim the majesty of my own Being among the marvels of the Universe. I reject oblivion of Self, and accept the pleasure and pain of unique existence.
Infernal Majesty, make Thy presence felt. Join with me in this Rite that I am about to perform in Thy name. Hail Satan!

4) Drink from the Chalice. (Drain the entire contents. While you do so, envision Satan’s light and wisdom flowing into you and filling your being.)

5) Now, at this point, focus on Satan and speak to Him. You can do this either out loud or silently in your mind. Whatever works for you. (This step can last as long as it needs to. You may feel Him. You may hear Him. You may even see Him in a vision. Or you may not notice anything out of the ordinary at all immediately. The results may not come until days or weeks after the ritual, and some people may even need to perform a ritual such as this on a regular basis over a period of time until the presence of our Lord is felt.)

6) Closing: Ring the Bell and say “So it is done.”

7) Extinguish the Black Flame.

As stressed earlier, this method may simply not work at all for some. Religion and spirituality are highly individual areas, and it’s natural for one method to work for some and not for others. But even if you do try this approach and can get no results, I urge you to try a few more options and a few more systems before you break down and pay someone a few grand to make it happen for you. If Lucifer wasn’t responding to you before, I don’t know if such a flagrant display of credulity and desperation will make you look any more desirable in the eyes of the Lord of Wisdom. 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Satan and the Peacock Angel (by Rev. John Allee)

[This article by Rev. John Allee originally appeared on the First Church of Satan website in 2002, under the name Satan and the Black Peacock.” I always really liked the message in it, but it always irked my that John decided to incorrectly translate Ta´usi-Melek as Black Peacock.” So in this presentation of John's writing, I've taken the liberty of correcting the error and renamed the article to Satan and the Peacock Angel. Enjoy! - Fr. V.I.M.]

Many Satanic groups try to emulate organized religion and this is something that I have railed against for years! It is not necessarily their fault since most Satanists come from Christian backgrounds. As modern Satanism matures, this may change.

The “adversarial aspect” of Satanism came as a result of religious dualism, the belief that the universe is divided by two mutually exclusive forces (good and evil) opposed to one another.

While this idea can demonstrate the beautiful tension between polarities and is a part of many major religions, it can also be dangerous. This idea can be used to affect the brain. It may cause the psyche to also fragment and divide, convincing the believer that the enemies of their god must be evil and therefore, destroyed! This is the cause of suicide bombings in the Middle East. The next time a religious fanatic runs towards you with TNT strapped to his body and a detonator device in his hand, screaming “Allah be praised!” you will now understand how he could be led to believe this is the right thing to do. These people believe they are doing their god's work and are martyrs. They do not see that the act is evil in everyone else's view.

The belief in an absolute model of good and an absolute model of evil is an absolute lie and exceedingly dangerous because the truth is not all black and white. It is the role of the Satanist to utilize this idea and break down the barriers that Fundamentalists try to build. When the Satanist plays the role of devil’s advocate, we restore balance to the equation. We give voice to the opposing point of view―this decreases the ability of dictators and religious extremists to define what “evil” is for us. Consider the implications of this. Satanism may very well be the most important movement of the twenty-first century!

Christians will try to deny the importance of Satanism by saying “this is an organized religion that would be nonexistent if it was not for the holy bible.” Further, many tell tall tales of cults and devil worshipers. Christians seem to forget that historically this was done to the Jews. In fact, early Christians were accused of worshipping dark and evil forces by the Romans, who then fed them to the lions!

Our founder, John Allee, often explains his religious roots this way:

One of the oldest religions in the world has been falsely accused of devil worship. The Yezidis are thought to go back as far as 2,000 B.C. (four thousand years ago) Let us compare the basic tenets of the Yezidis with my beliefs:

a.) The peacock was considered a symbol of the sun because he spreads his feathers out into a halo of rays, and a symbol of the devil because of his pride. The Yezidis call him Ta´usi-Melek (Peacock Angel) or Shaitan (Arabic for Satan). The Yezidis envision Ta´usi-Melek as a fire with two dualistic elementary abilities; fire as light, but also fire to burn. [Allee: Is the Devil behind all the evil in the world? Yes, and all the good as well.]

b.) Yezidis believe good and the evil are one and the same Person. [Allee: Islamic fundamentalists and Christians define themselves as monotheists, but practice dualism; they imagine a devil opposed to the creator, but creation cannot be divided against itself. If the devil physically exists, then God exists. If God created Satan, then God is Satan. You cannot create something unless it is a manifestation of your own will.]

c.) Yezidis contend a human being itself is a mixture of two powers: good and evil. [Allee: The gods of different cultures are similar because they share our human qualities and are projections of our own divinity. It was as if you were standing in a darkened room with a bright halo emanating from behind your head―you point to the shadow cast in front of you and exclaim, “I see Saint Peter . . . or Satan!”]

d.) Every Yezidi has a part of Ta´usi-Melek in himself. [Allee: We have a concept of divinity also; many Satanists do not envision an abyss which separates the creator from the created. God is not only in my life, God is my life. Simply put, God IS . . . period! Every Man and Woman is a star―a breathing, physical manifestation of that which is divine. The same value you attribute to Christ, the Satanist attributes to all mankind. Ergo, Man is God. Hail Thyself!]

Regarding the comment, “Satanism is an organized religion that would be non existent if it was not for the holy bible”; the first Gutenberg bible was printed in 1456 A.D. I believe―that's less than 550 years ago. I think it's fair to say my core beliefs―Satanism's roots―can be seen as going back roughly 4,000 years, long before the birth of Christianity. Satan was seen in the fertile crescent and in the Judaic and Egyptian religions long before the advent of Christianity.

- Rev. John Allee, founder of the First Church of Satan, 2002.